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As we increase in age so too does the concern of being unable to handle our affairs as time gets on. Wills are a great way to ensure your final wishes are honoured, but with Power of Attorney you can ensure you and your affairs are looked after with loving care and attention when you can’t quite do so yourself.

Power of Attorney is a legal solution in which you appoint someone close to you, typically family, to handle your medical and financial interests. When it comes to something as important as your welfare it’s critical to ensure you’re backed by professional experts with experience to ensure your close interests are protected by law, and we deliver just that at AS Wagner.

Power of Attorney Lawyers in Glasgow

We look after your individual requirements and offer sound advice throughout the process to ensure you’re always on top of your affairs, and when the time comes for you to pass on such responsibility, we’re here every step of the way to smooth the transition and help the person who has Power of Attorney take on the burden.

We prize our personal approach in such situations as a paramount aspect of our services. Sophie Wagner always take the time to understand our clients to guarantee your wishes are being delivered and honoured at all times as you progress through your later years - giving you peace of mind in the twilight stages of life.

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