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Conveyancing in Glasgow at AS Wagner

Our central Glasgow offices are ideally placed to handle the legal aspects of your sale and purchase and coordinate each transaction to ensure that your move is as trouble free as possible.

The conveyancing process starts as soon as you have found a property you wish to purchase. Our expertise can ensure you secure the property by negotiating with the seller’s agent, advising on an offer and closing date, submitting the offer for you and negotiating the terms of the purchase contract on your behalf.

Once missives are concluded with the seller (which process can take days or sometimes weeks to complete), the title deeds or Land Certificate and any local application for HMRC.

We also act on behalf of your Bank or Building Society in relation to your mortgage, prepare the necessary mortgage Standard Security on their behalf, certify the title to them and obtain loan funds into the Client account for settlement of the purchase on the due date.

Once settlement of the purchase has taken place, we attend to the payment of any SDLT on your behalf to HMRC, register the Disposition and mortgage Standard Security at the Land Register of Scotland and once the Land Certificate is issued it is either sent to your lender for retention or retained by us on your behalf for safekeeping.
In relation to a sale, as soon as you decide you are selling you should let us know so that the title deeds can be ordered from your lender in anticipation of an offer for your property being received.

As a seller you have to exhibit a clear title to the purchaser, Council consents for any structural alterations to your property, obtain and exhibit to the purchaser’s agent clear searches from the Land Register, Council and Coal Authority (if applicable), prepare and have executed a Discharge of your mortgage Standard Security and repay the mortgage on the date of entry.

We can also do the necessary conveyancing when you finally repay your mortgage or if you wish to reportage your property.

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For further advice/information on conveyancing in the Glasgow are or a fee estimate please either call us on 0141 332 0809 or 0845 686 9332, email us at or use our Enquiry form and we will reply to you just as soon as possible.