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When a relationship breaks down to the point of no return there are a variety of difficult decisions ahead that you must tackle with care to minimise the increased amount of stress and anxiety that ultimately comes with the territory.

You may feel like there’s no way out, but AS Wagner are here to guide you through your Separation or Divorce by delivering reliable advice throughout to help deliver an outcome that’s amicable for everyone involved.

Receiving early legal advice on how to operate during such proceedings is an essential building block in working towards your desired outcome, and with our family-orientated service Sophie Wagner takes the time to understand the human element of the situation to offer objective advice based on your own requirements and the reality of the situation.

Divorce Lawyers in Glasgow

With financial, living and other personal decisions facing you we can help by delivering legal advice concerning a variety of subject, anywhere from cohabitation, to the enforcement of prenuptial agreements.

We also have a wealth of experience in offering resolute advice when it comes to handling the transfer of your property and/or mortgage following a separation or divorce.

With our assistance we can help you set the base terms of the agreement when it comes to the management of the assets and finances involved, and we also provide detailed advice on how to understand and navigate the complicated tax implications attached to the process.

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