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Wills and Executries Glasgow

Everyone should make a will detailing their intentions following their death but unfortunately many people either put this relatively simple and inexpensive matter off until it is too late.

This can result in avoidable delays after their death, possibly large tax bills and their Estate passing according to the Laws of Intestacy which may not be in accordance with their wishes.
This is particularly true for parties who may not be married to their partner or those who are separated but not divorced.

This can cause upset and delay which can easily be avoided by a Solicitor drawing up a simple will which can reduce taxation following death and simplify the winding up of an Estate.

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Powers of Attorney Glasgow

As the population increases in age, an ever increasing number of clients are putting their affairs in order by appointing family members to be Attorneys so that in the event of them becoming incapable of managing their own affairs, the nominated family member can step in to help without having to go through a potentially expensive and time-consuming Guardianship application to the Sheriff Court.

It is relatively simple to arrange and the Power of Attorney once signed is registered with the Public Guardian in Falkirk and can cover financial matters or medical matters or both.

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