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Commercial and Corporate Solicitor in Glasgow

In an increasingly complex world the needs of clients, both individual and commercial, have become ever more complicated and the legal profession has responded by becoming increasingly specialised. This creates problems for clients seeking legal services.

Sophie Wagner of A S Wagner is a senior Solicitor having graduated with Honours from Glasgow University in 1982 with over a quarter of a century of legal experience so that for the majority of legal problems we have the skills in-house. If not, we will obtain the necessary advice from an appropriate consultant; for example a member of the Bar, a tax accountant, a planning consultant, a law professor or a lawyer from overseas. Tapping into this resource when necessary provides the following benefits for our clients:

  • Increased efficiency: the appropriate skills are always employed in the client’s best interests, no matter what the source
  • Increased economy: external specialist skills are only retained when needed, so additional charges are not incurred unnecessarily
  • Our clients retain one point of contact with their adviser: this enables us to build strong, trusting relationships and an understanding of our client’s needs

We have experience of large firms and have made the decision to work in a different, more personal environment. We enjoy keeping close contact with our clients and have a mutual interest with them in ensuring that any outside specialist help obtained is necessary, relevant and economical.

This approach works for our existing clients, who operate a wide range of businesses reflecting every aspect of commercial life. Please contact us if you feel it might also work for you.

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